Rescuing People from Traditional Financial Planning

Compared to many advisors, we’re different. We understand the role emotions play in matters of personal finance.

To that end, our goal is to coach you to maintain focus and discipline, especially during turbulent times  Perhaps few things demonstrate our uniqueness more than the fact we often tell prospective clients they don’t need our help. That’s rare in this industry. But we feel that’s what putting your interest first is all about.

As Certified Financial Planners®,  few things irk us more than unreliable tactics promoted and practiced by many people we meet. Tactics like stock picking, marketing timing, and tax planning used as a reason to sell products are commonplace. In fact, many advisors routinely host free steak dinners as a way to push products rather than to help people develop a strategy for achieving their goals. Products serve a role, but only after a careful examination of your goals and your current progress for reaching them.

Our Story


Being in the financial industry her entire  career, Nikki has seen the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Nikki has seen the power that beliefs and emotions play in people’s financial decisions and knows that in order to help her clients live worry-free, she has to serve as a coach and educator first.  Every client is different. Nikki understands the importance of listening to each one to learn their past,  their values, and most importantly, the dreams they have for their future.

She teaches retirement planning classes at local universities and  takes great pride in helping people find clarity about their money  and their finances.


A leader in the financial service industry,  Dan is a prolific writer and communicator.  He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, USA Today, and  The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Committed to the art of holistic planning, Dan emphasized the need to view personal finance similar to achieving and maintaining good health.  What works for one person can be fatal for another.  It all begins with a thorough and detailed analysis of one’s current strategy and must address all areas.

Known for his polite candor, Dan refuses to engage his clients in speculative strategies like stock picking, market timing, and crypto-currency.  His practice is best suited for those who seek an advocate in all areas financial.