Ep 155: Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Largest Assets?

Today's Puzzle: As investors, we’re always looking out ahead towards our goals in retirement so we’re constantly striving to move forward. But doing that can lead to us forgetting about the importance of managing what we already have. Let’s look at the important assets in our portfolio that might get overlooked and why it’s [...]

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Ep #149: Social Insecurity: What You Need to Consider When Filing for Social Security

"There are no stupid questions, just the stupid people who ask them." That famous quote speaks to the heart of this edition of the podcast. Join us as we seek to educate you about the financial world and answer five of the most popular financial questions we receive on a regular basis. Don't worry, these are actually pretty complex questions.

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Ep #123: Listener Questions

On this episode of Solving The Financial Puzzle, Dan will be answering some of your questions and providing clarity on a few common worries and situations that effect your wallet. The questions are on a variety of topics from retirement, investments, savings, lump sums, merging 401ks, taxes and even international issues. There are some [...]

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