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Down the line

By |February 25th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

No matter how much we’d like to deny it, what gets passed down to us from our parents has a significant impact on our lives. Kids of active folks tend to be athletic adults. If we’re taught to floss from a young age, most of us will keep that up. Other times, the bad stuff gets passed down.  Kids mimic bad habits like smoking. People inherit genetic conditions. I [...]


By |February 24th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

We all know someone who just never apologizes.  They might seem sorry by their body language or facial expressions, but why is it so hard for them to just say the darn words? What if you’re that person? There’s hope for you, don’t worry.  You might find it hard to apologize simply for the fact that pride gets in the way. It’s not easy admitting you’re wrong (even if [...]

Give Yourself A Raise… By Quitting!

By |February 22nd, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

According to this article from Forbes, U.S inflation rose by 7% in 2021, which is a new 40-year high.  This is the result of increases across most consumer goods and services, but the biggest contributors are shelter, food, and used vehicles (the latter is the result of a chip shortage affecting manufacturing of new vehicles… supply and demand, as they say!). Price increases are nothing new, as it seems [...]

Patience, patience.

By |February 21st, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Markets are volatile because they respond to the news of the day.  News is unpredictable, so doesn't it follow that the markets will be unpredictable, too? It doesn't matter how true that fact is - truth doesn't make it enjoyable. It's how you choose to respond to the volatility that determines how successful you are with investing.  Have you ever seen or heard of those giant redwood trees in [...]

Ok, boomer.

By |February 19th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Remember when you could buy stuff for pennies? It might not seem like it now, but once upon a time, gum and stamps cost less than a nickel! Jeez, a dime was a lot of money. Do you know who does remember that?  Baby Boomers. They changed TV stations with a dial, not a remote. TV was black and white. Bell bottoms, platforms, and chevron patterns were everywhere. Ah, [...]

It’s go-go-go time!

By |February 18th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

As I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past few years, natural disasters appear to be more common than they used to be. There are a lot of factors here, including climate change, deforestation, and land development. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself in one of these disasters. Or, if you’re lucky, just broken down on the road at 11pm at night with a flat tire in the middle [...]

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