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“When pigs… swim?!”

By |September 9th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

Summer is coming to an end quickly in the U.S., but it feels like the season is endless in the Caribbean.  A trip to the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without a sandy beach to lay on, a beautiful hotel where you can kick up your heels and rest, and a tropical drink in hand on a sunset catamaran cruise.  One thing that certainly wouldn’t be on a Caribbean checklist… [...]

Cutting your pay every year.

By |September 7th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

I'm curious. Would you accept a job if you knew your employer would cut your pay every single year? I can't imagine anyone saying yes.  But - that's exactly what you're doing if you don't have a retirement plan that considers inflation when determining your income needs. Before you decide that inflation won't affect you, let's talk over a few scenarios.  If interest rates rise by 2.5-3% per year, [...]

To pay, or to save? That is the question.

By |September 6th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

You may find yourself in a situation where you could take one of two paths in your journey to financial freedom.  In this case, I am talking specifically about the decision to save money (for a down payment on a house, a car, or school) and paying off existing debts to free up more money in the future. Generally speaking, if you have high-interest debt, you should pay that [...]

Not too cool for school!

By |September 4th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

This month, nearly 2.2 billion children across the world will start a new school year, some for the first time. No matter your race, culture or creed, the first day of school is a significant one and different countries have an array of traditions to mark the special occasion. I wanted to explore some of the more touching back-to-school traditions from around the world.  In the Republic of Kazakhstan, [...]

Work it!

By |September 3rd, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. -Stephen Richards Why is it so hard for most of us to stick to a fitness routine? Is it because we’re lazy? Too busy? Unmotivated? Are we doomed to stay out of shape forever? Probably not. It turns out there are actually a few pretty darn good reasons why working out regularly is a challenge: Going too [...]

Little birds that don’t fly.

By |September 2nd, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

And so the old fantasy goes -- junior finally turns 18 and goes off to college for a few years. When he returns, he’s ready to hit the ground running and start a promising career in a new town - hopefully close enough to home to make visiting easy.  You can be happy in the knowledge that you’ve successfully raised your child - and done a darn good job. [...]

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