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No pain, no gain

By |June 12th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Seeing your portfolio decline in value feels about as pleasant as doing a 10K run when you’re more of a couch potato. Or, maybe a root canal. But here’s the thing: there may be an opportunity when individual stocks (and your portfolio) take a dip in value. It’s all about thinking about your portfolio in the long term – not the short term. I’ve made a short video that [...]

Will it pop?

By |May 15th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the price of housing has increased year over year. If you’re a homeowner, you might be wondering what you should do. Should you sell your home? You could look for something better, or downsize to help fund your retirement or invest more. Should you sit on it and wait for the value to grow even more? Or does that just make you a sitting [...]

The stuff they don’t teach you in school

By |April 10th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

I’ve always found it incredibly odd that our school system doesn’t really teach anything useful about personal finance – unless you deliberately learn it through postsecondary education. How much would it help to leave high school knowing the answers to questions like… How can I invest for the short term and long term? What makes a good mutual fund? What’s the difference between stocks and bonds? How can you [...]

Are you diverse?

By |March 20th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

I’ve talked about this before, but I really can’t stress enough how important diversification is when you’re playing the investment game.  To put it bluntly, if you put all your eggs in one basket, they’re all done for if the basket breaks.  If you spread your eggs out across multiple baskets, most of them are safe in the event that just one goes south.  Make sense? This analogy’s the [...]

You’re in good company

By |February 28th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Is home your new base camp? With cases of COVID hitting record highs, you might be working at home or a bit reluctant to go out these days.  Now, what if you live alone? Or what if you just have a small social circle?  You might be spending a lot of time by yourself for the foreseeable future. Are you ok with that?  When you have no choice, it [...]

The secret to conversation…

By |February 26th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Shh! I have a secret I want to share. The world has gone digital, but that doesn’t mean one-on-one communication has gone by the wayside - on the contrary!  With Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, people communicate more than ever… and sometimes with a whole ‘room’ of people!  Job interviews, meetings, dating, teaching - how can you stand out when it comes to the art of conversation? We have [...]

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