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Welcome To “Solving The Financial Puzzle” Podcast

Join Certified Financial Planners Nikki Earley and Dan Cuprill each month on the Retirement Rescue Podcast. They’ll discuss some of the most essential issues facing retirees, break down important financial planning ideas, and provide their reactions and insights on various retirement planning articles and commentary from across the financial world. It’s all to help you get a little smarter when it comes to spending your time, money and energy on preparing for retirement.

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Episode Show Notes

Ep #149: Social Insecurity: What You Need to Consider When Filing for Social Security

"There are no stupid questions, just the stupid people who ask them." That famous quote speaks to the heart of this edition of the podcast. Join us as we seek to educate you about the financial world and answer five of the most popular financial questions we receive on a regular basis. Don't worry, these are actually pretty complex questions.

Ep #133: Bond

No, Dan isn’t talking about James Bond this week – he’s talking all about financial bonds. He explains everything from the types of bonds there are to why bonds are providing a negative return rate this year (and why that’s [...]

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