Weekly Blog – July 7, 2017

It will probably end badly! “It’s paradoxical, that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.” – Andy Rooney Modern medicine has made huge strides and while we are living longer, we all still die eventually. The Grim Reaper is still undefeated [...]

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Weekly Blog – June 30, 2017

4 Things We Should Declare Financial Independence From In Retirement Financial independence is something that everybody wants during retirement. But what exactly does everybody want independence from? 1) Independence From Government While it is certainly prudent to maximize your Social Security benefits in retirement, being overly reliant on it for your retirement income is [...]

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Weekly Blog – June 16, 2017

5 Obvious Strategies (That Apparently Aren’t So Obvious) Most people, on paper, would agree with these strategies. But a much smaller percentage of the population actually use them to when making financial decisions… 1. Buy low and sell high. You won’t find a single person who disagrees with the theory behind this investing concept, [...]

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Weekly Blog – June 9, 2017

If we only knew these 3 things, planning for retirement would be so much easier! 1) How much longer will I live? Knowing how many years we needed to fund in retirement would certainly help in the retirement income planning process! Do you know when you are going to die?  Would it surprise you [...]

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Weekly Blog – June 2, 2017

"Decluttering Your Financial Life" As Americans, we own so much stuff that there’s now an entire industry of decluttering specialists who help you organize your home, get rid of things you don’t need, and create systems to keep you organized moving forward. Just like at home, everyone has a different level of organization in [...]

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Weekly Blog – May 26, 2017

"Six Common Money Mistakes That Can IMPACT Your Retirement" I know for some of us it is very hard to admit, but the truth is none of us are perfect. In our lives we all make mistakes. It is inevitable. I make mistakes all the time – just ask my husband! Just last week [...]

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In the Headlines – May 19, 2017

In The Headlines Wal-Mart and Amazon Vie for America’s “Unbanked” Few retailers have catered more to the unbanked than Wal-Mart. Whether it is a dislike of banks, a distaste for their fees, or some other reason, a sizable portion of U.S. households have chosen not to have a checking or savings account at a [...]

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In the Headlines – May 5, 2017

In The Headlines Is Coffee on the Brink? Coffee crops are under siege from deforestation, abnormally high temperatures, a lack of precipitation, and disease. The global market is heading for its fourth straight year of deficit, according to estimates from Rabobank International. At the same time, global demand for the beloved beverage is expected [...]

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In the Headlines – April 21, 2017

In The Headlines Is the U.S. Auto Industry Headed for a Slump? It is a good time to be a car buyer. Dealers are offering the biggest discounts since the Great Recession, and a combination of historically low gas prices and improvements in fuel efficiency mean consumers can upgrade from cars to SUVs without [...]

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In the Headlines – March 10, 2017

In The Headlines Is the UK Headed for a Post-Brexit Recession? The U.K. may be heading for its weakest growth in a year, possibly heralding the start of a Brexit-induced slowdown. IHS Markit’s gauges for manufacturing and the dominant services sector fell in February, with both readings coming in below economists’ median forecasts. While [...]

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