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Make working from home interesting again

You know, there are tons of benefits to working from home (for example, if you have a 25-minute commute each day, you’ve saved yourself four hours a week!).  Despite the upsides, some of the shine of working at home may have worn off by now. I mean, many of us have been doing it [...]

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Snow comes down, this goes up

Winter is in full swing, and for a large part of the country, that means cold, and where there's cold, there will probably be snow. Some of our fellow Americans are probably thinking, "Snow? What's snow?" If you know snow, you know snow. Every time the white stuff rolls in, everyone forgets how to [...]

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Rest is Best

It’s nice and early in the evening. You tell yourself that you’re going to go to bed at a decent hour, but before you know it, you’re five episodes into Yellowstone, and it’s 2am.  When did you have to get up again - 7, or was it 8? If you go to sleep right [...]

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A Taxing Time

There are only two absolutes in this life - death, and taxes. We've all heard this before (I've probably even said that very statement in previous emails). It doesn't make it any less accurate.  There will always be taxes. We commonly see them attached to things we own, want to own, or haven't even [...]

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Fake it till you make it… until you can’t

Been watching the news?   Former biotech engineer Elizabeth Holmes may need to read the book “Orange Is the New Black” because it looks like she’s going to jail. She created a company called Theranos that claimed to have the technology to instantaneously complete an entire blood profile with a single drop. Here’s the problem: [...]

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Are you ready?

If we’ve been email pals for a while now, you’ll have heard me talk about why hiring a financial advisor might just be one of the best things you can do to ensure that you’re fully prepared to retire when you want.  Here are just a few of the ways that a good financial [...]

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Gotcha covered.

I hope you're having as much fun with this "New Year, New You" 30-Day Challenge as I am. We're almost at the tail end! Today's challenge (and tomorrow's, too!) is to audit your insurance coverage. "Oh, come on!" you say. "What's the point? I've got coverage! Why should I go through all the hassle [...]

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It’s really starting to sizzle!

Well, how about it? Did our previous discussion about making an effort to cook from home turn you into the next Gordon Ramsey? If you’re still brushing up on your new sous chef skills, I have a few more tips to help you wrap up this “New Year, New You” 30-Day Challenge: Cook More [...]

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It’s time to trim the fat… literally!

If you are starting to feel the effects of rising food prices on your wallet, today's "New Year, New You" 30-Day Challenge is perfect for you. The challenge? Start cooking from home! I get that if you're used to eating out regularly, this challenge will be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. That's [...]

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I’ve put in my time!

Since employers are not required to provide raises, an alarming number of people just go through their working lives day in and day out for the same pay rate.  It's very gratifying to be so valued by your employer that they'll increase your pay without being prompted. But, for most of us, the old [...]

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