More probable than death, and probably ignored.

Have you prepared for the possibility that you might become disabled in your lifetime?  If not, there’s a very real chance that just one fluke event can decimate all the careful saving and planning you’ve done - in fact, it’s way more likely than dying.   I’ve created this video for you that talks all [...]

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Nothing’s right.

Something I hear from many people who invest their money is that they’re always worried about losing their nest egg.   I hear it when there’s a crash (like March 2020), and believe it or not, I’m even hearing it now - when the stock market is literally at an all-time high!            “Wait, what? People [...]

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Getting Thrifty

Who doesn’t love hitting up antique and thrift stores? There’s always a chance of snagging a once-in-a-lifetime deal!   And while antiques are a fun investment, high quality clothing is something you can use every day. Why not save a buck?  Today, I’m sharing some of my top tips on saving money and getting the [...]

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It’s compounded.

Compound interest is a beautiful thing.  It makes it possible for even people with modest incomes to become millionaires - with enough time, of course.  Do you dream about retiring as a millionaire? It’s not as unattainable as you might think. There’s this great video on exactly how much you’d need to squirrel away [...]

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Start Me Up!

Getting anyone to invest in your company, idea, or project was pretty tricky until just the last few years. The stakes were pretty high, and you had to do a lot to impress those potential stakeholders that your idea was worth investing in. They were taking a risk with you, so it had to [...]

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Get it free

I have some good news for you, and it might be hard to believe - you can still get products for free. Now hear me out! We are all aware that companies give out coupons, sure!  'Save 50 Cents' and 'Buy One Get One Free.'  ...I bet you've seen them all. But did you [...]

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Built Ford Tough!

In the early 1900s, motor vehicles were rising in popularity. Karl Benz in Germany and the duo of Charles and Frank Duryea in Massachusetts were responsible for most automobile production in Germany and the US by the end of the 1800s.  But, there was one little problem - not everyone could afford the luxury [...]

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Batting for the wrong team

You can learn a lot about investing from professional sports - take baseball, for example.  When the baseball season starts, there are always “favorite teams” that everyone thinks will take the World Series that year.  But, you probably know that while there are favorites, no one knows who’s going to win until the end. [...]

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Money besties?

I have heard it come up pretty frequently that the average person thinks a financial advisor is something that only rich people or celebrities have or need, like a PR Consultant or an on-hand Butler. Have you ever thought that? I want to let you know that this could not be farther from the [...]

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