Frugal me!

Here’s a good joke I recently heard: One day, a kindergarten teacher said that the word for the day was “frugal.” She explained “frugal” had to do with saving, and a frugal person is one who saves. She then asked the class to come up with a sentence for the word. The class was [...]

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Give yourself some saving grace

Recently I saw this funny meme on Facebook: Italians are the biggest recyclers of plastic bags. So if you see a turtle choking on a plastic bag, don't look at us. All our bags are in the drawer under the sink. Good one! If you want to get into great financial shape in 2020, [...]

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I’m… guessing?

One of the funnier moments in the film, “Robin Hood: Men In Tights,” is when Blinkin, Robin’s blind former servant, is perched high in a tree looking for strangers trying to enter their camp. Robin Hood shouts, “Blinkin! What are you doing?” Blinkin replies, “I’m... guessing? I guess no one’s coming?” When it comes to budgets, [...]

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Sneaky budget techniques

My aunt decided to trim her household budget, so instead of sending her favorite dress to the dry cleaners, she washed it by hand. She proudly said to her husband, “Look... we’re seven dollars richer because I washed this dress by hand!” Her husband replied, “Good. Wash it again!” It would be fantastic if [...]

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How to make your financial resolutions stick

Isn’t it funny that a popular New Year’s resolution is to get thin— yet we’d also like to “fatten up” our bank accounts? If your checking account looks a little scrawny, you’re not alone. Spending less and saving more is one of the “Top Ten” New Year’s resolutions every year. After setting a budget, [...]

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Ready to be in financial shape for 2020?

After the holiday season, you might have over-indulged when it came to food and drink. January brings with it a flurry of resolutions to tighten up that belt... straighten up, and fly right. But what about your finances? Did you overspend? Buy stuff that you discovered was cheaper elsewhere? According to the Bureau of [...]

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Re: Resolutions

We’re now safely into the New Year… and one question I’m sure you’re either getting asked or asking yourself is this: “How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions?” I won’t pry. Instead, I thought I share a few pithy quotes on the subject of our annual ritual of self-improvement.  Enjoy: “I'm resolving to [...]

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Snow Day!

What’s every child’s favorite two words in Winter? “SNOW DAY!” There’s nothing better when you’re a kid to get the happy news of the unexpected gift of a day off from school. It meant a day free from pencils, books, dirty looks, and instead offered cartoons, games, and snowball fights in the great outdoors. [...]

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how to know your cat trusts you

They say there’s two types of people: Dog People Cat People In my opinion, dealing with dogs is MUCH easier. Maybe it’s because we’ve been around dogs longer. Some think we were playing some early form of fetch with Rover up to 36,000 years ago, while the human-cat relationship only goes back maybe 10,000 [...]

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Managing Mid-to-Late Career Risks

This little note’s for those of us in what could be considered in the 3rd or 4th quarters of our careers. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve worked hard, grown your skillset, and have risen the corporate ladder. Now, according to Jeff Pundyk of Marketwatch, get ready to be shown the door. Sound grim?  It may [...]

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