From start to finish in a flash…

Have you ever read the news about a new road construction project or what-have-you and wondered: “Why does it take so long!?” It’s a great question, especially since history shows people can accomplish a LOT in a very short time. Here’s a few well-known success stories that didn’t take forever to complete: Disneyland – Walt’s [...]

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Password, Schmassword

It seems like EVERYTHING requires a password nowadays, from your email account to your TV. It’s understandable. With the rise in e-commerce, the “Internet of Things,” and just how deeply embedded online interactions have become, the need to keep your private information secure from bad actors has never been more important. And if you [...]

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Making more ME time

Working from home has more than a few small pleasures: A commute that only requires a trip down the hallway. No unscrupulous co-workers to lift your lunch from the break room fridge. Pants-free Fridays (just keep the webcam focused properly). But there are drawbacks. And on the most significant is the blurring of the [...]

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Happiest songs? Science settles it…

If you’re struggling with the mid-winter blues, the scientific community’s data wizards have brought you much-needed relief. According to a story on the website Mental Floss, Dutch Neuroscientist Jacob Jolij discovered the foundational elements that make a song “happy”: Average tempo between 140 and 150 beats per minute. Played in a major key, not [...]

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“Chill out, take a hike…”

Have you ever needed to get away from conflict between you and a loved one? Indeed, tempers can flare for many reasons, both good and bad. And sometimes the best thing to do for sure is to exit stage left to take a breather. But you CAN take this a wee bit too far. [...]

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Number crunching warriors

If there’s one thing pretty much common to EVERY business, it’s the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Of course, Microsoft wasn’t always the big kid on the block. Along with Flight Simulator, you could make the case that one of the key reasons we even have personal computers today is the value of the ubiquitous spreadsheet. [...]

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How much is the doggy in the window?

One of the most challenging aspects of running any business boils down to the opening line from that famous song: “How much is that doggy in the window?” Nothing can cause as many sleepless nights for a small business as trying to figure out exactly how much to charge for their products/services. Charge too [...]

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Sometimes it takes a different universe

Business has its ups and downs, but one thing they all have in common is the need to find new ideas for old problems. There’s a quote attributed to Einstein that lays this out well: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” The same thought processes, systems, and thinking [...]

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Liquid gold?

Here’s a problem I never thought would exist… At a site near Bordeaux, France – known for fine wines the world over – a small startup is running tests on a tent packed with tomato plants. The goal is to find a way to keep this tiny crop (and eventually crops the world over) [...]

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