It’s awkward…

As you might know, there are many positives to working from home: The daily commute’s hardly even noticeable. Dressing for success has become a whole lot simpler. You never have to worry about some co-worker hitting the fridge and swiping your lunch. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. One thing we didn’t expect [...]

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A Spooky Toothy Deal

Just in time for Halloween – If you’ve been looking to upscale your digs, one of the world’s most famous (or should I say “infamous”) pieces of real estate is back on the market. Dracula’s castle. Okay, it’s not “technically” Dracula’s castle. Vlad Tepes – the Wallachian ruler who inspired the legendary count – [...]

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Rosie gets an upgrade

Way back in the stone age, there was a cartoon known as “The Jetsons.” Those of us who recall it are most likely to fondly ponder “why haven’t we gotten our flying cars yet?” But there’s one techno-toy showcased during just about every episode that could well play a role in your future: the [...]

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Fun Twitter Facts

Let’s kick this off with the recognition that Twitter can be a minefield and a sinkhole from which many enter and few escape. But there are a few gems to be found… One recent discovery is called “Weird History.” The curator is one Andrew Rader, PHD – an author, MIT Scientist, and collector of [...]

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Kill your darlings

There’s a bit of literary advice provided by author William Faulkner to aspiring writers: “Kill your darlings.” The point here is that while novices tend to go hog wild with flowery turns of phrase, experienced scribes know good writing requires a careful pruning of overblown prose. No matter how much you may like that [...]

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Witty words

Mark Twain coined this popular quote: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” As advice, it’s not bad. But honestly, wouldn’t you like to impress others with your huge vocabulary? Well, good news – thanks to Readers [...]

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Seeing double

Have you ever heard the term: “Twinfluencers”? It’s one of the hottest trends in marketing worldwide – and according to a piece in the Economic Times, international brands like Pepsi, L’Oréal, and Emami have jumped on the “seeing double” bandwagon in a big way. Some think it’s a nostalgia play for a generation that [...]

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Blue doesn’t mean BLUE

Who doesn’t appreciate an excellent seafood dinner at a fancy restaurant? Well, I can think of someone – The main course. Yeah, it’s tough being a lobster. As a lobster, you don’t have to fret too much about those crazies on Deadliest Catch – they’re more interested in your King Crab cousins. And besides, [...]

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Yuk – and this is worse

A few months back, there was a cable show on one of the major networks that involved two guys who shared a common, disgusting fascination. They liked to sample food. Not any food. OLD food. And I mean old… really old… like Army rations from WWI. Bags of potato chips from the 70s. Cookies that pre-dated [...]

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“Would you believe?”

Way back in near-prehistoric times, a spoof of the James Bond-ian spy movies graced the TV airwaves week in, week out. Get Smart On this show, super-spy Maxwell Smart regularly confronted the agents of KAOS in an ongoing battle to keep civilization zany and free. The somewhat inaccurately named “Smart” character battled the bad [...]

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