1 man show

When the nightly news typically discusses “startups” and “job creation,” it’s about Silicon Valley, high-tech firms. But there’s massive numbers of new business owners you DON’T hear much about: Solo Entrepreneurs. And according to US Small Business Administration, they represent a huge segment of the entrepreneurial landscape. In fact, the number of these “non-employer” [...]

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Vroom Vroom [NOT]

Consider for a moment the lure of the open road… The smell and feel of leather… The thrill of rapid acceleration... If you’re into motorcycles, you get it. But one of their key selling points – especially for the classic Harley Davidson line – is that growling, throaty, internal-combustion rumble made by the engine. [...]

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American Stonehenge

If you’re a fan of mysteries and mysterious places, here’s one you may not have heard of… it’s called “The American Stonehenge.” It was featured by The Travel Channel in an episode entitled:  “Mysteries at the Museum: Monumental Mysteries Special.” Known as “The Georgia Guidestones,” you’ll find it near a small town about 90 miles [...]

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The power of “coupling”

Ever hear of the term “coupling” in regards to athletics? It’s something you might find Olympic commentators talking about. One thing top-tier athletes focus on during both practice and competition is a concept known as “coupled motion.” Most sports fans have no idea how important it is, because when done correctly, it can significantly [...]

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School’s Out NOT

So, back in the distant past – around 1972 – Alice Cooper released his hit song, “School’s Out.” It became an anthem for a generation fed up with attending class. Unsurprisingly, that generation discovered to its dismay that career success (and life success for that matter) required you to make learning part of a [...]

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Tech Trends Affecting Your Career

Water cooler conversations and lunch breaks will always play a big role in building your career. But one of the challenges that constantly affects workers of all ages is staying up to date with the emerging technologies as they enter the workplace. And according to a recent article in Forbes, some powerful technologies have [...]

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Not-so-Smart Advice on Pinching Pennies

When it comes to saving money, there’s a ton of commonly held beliefs and practices that are downright dangerous to your wealth, your health, and your peace of mind. Here’s just a places where “pinching pennies” can actually cost you big time: Regular Car Maintenance – look, no one enjoys going to the auto [...]

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WW1 Slang-isms

Ever wonder where certain words came from? It can be a fascinating exercise. And to save you a trip to the Oxford English Dictionary, here’s a short list of common phrases whose origins in World War 1 you may never have known. For example: Basket Case – today we use this phrase to refer to [...]

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Play-Doh, DUH!

It’s amazing how a simple smell can take you back in time. Want proof? Head to the store, buy a package of Play-Doh, and open up a can. Close your eyes and take a whiff. I’m betting that fragrance time-travels you back to childhood to a happy place where you’re surrounded by a menagerie [...]

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Remember the Pixar movie “Up”? One of its most memorable running gags involved Doug the talking dog and his uncanny ability to spot a squirrel at any moment, drop everything, and scamper after the critter – no matter what else was happening. Apparently, this inability to maintain focus struck a common nerve, and today [...]

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