Ep 163: Flirting with Financial Disaster

Today's Puzzle: Comprehensive planning takes care of every aspect of retirement, but without it there are areas that could quickly become a calamity. Today we’ll identify five key areas where people don’t pay enough attention and end up flirting with disaster. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) [...]

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Ep 161: 5 Important Retirement Statistics Worth Your Time

Today's Puzzle: As we kick of the new year, let’s talk about what statistics tell us about retirement. We found five specific stats that will surprise you and make you realize that financial planning needs to be a priority in 2021. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) [...]

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Ep 160: Economic Outlook Following the Election

Today's Puzzle: Dan Cuprill is back on the show today to help us sort out the economic impact the election will have as we move into a new year. With talk of the Green New Deal, student debt forgiveness, and tax changes, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s next for investors. Today [...]

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Ep 159: Obsolete Retirement Planning Ideas

Today's Puzzle: Much like technology becomes outdated each year, retirement planning strategies begin to lose their effectiveness over time. Today we’ll look at five different planning ideas that have been used quite a bit before but might not have the same impact in today’s economy and market conditions. (Click the featured times [...]

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Ep 158: What Financial Challenges Do Women Face More Often?

Today's Puzzle: Like it or not, there are certain financial challenges that women are more prone to face. Why is that? What can you do about it? (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) The Solution: What financial challenges are most prevalent among women? We all face some [...]

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Ep 157: Retirement Ready – Are You Clinging to False Hope?

Today's Puzzle: We often find that people are clinging to certain ideas or beliefs that end up giving them a sense of false hope about their retirement. It’s a dangerous position to be in. Let’s explore some of the faulty thinking that ultimately leaves people underprepared for retirement. (Click the featured times [...]

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Ep 156: Choosing Between A Traditional Or Roth IRA

Today's Puzzle: Maybe you know you need to contribute somewhere or you’ve always contributed to a traditional IRA but have been wondering about the Roth. Nikki explains the similarities and differences between the two and explains the long-term benefits. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) The Solution: [...]

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Ep 155: Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Largest Assets?

Today's Puzzle: As investors, we’re always looking out ahead towards our goals in retirement so we’re constantly striving to move forward. But doing that can lead to us forgetting about the importance of managing what we already have. Let’s look at the important assets in our portfolio that might get overlooked and why it’s [...]

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Ep 154: Is The Market Response To Coronavirus Normal?

Today's Puzzle: Over the past month, we’ve seen financial markets react to potential economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and it’s happened at an unprecedented pace. But how surprised should we be by this significant reaction? Dan Cuprill joins the show as we talk about the lessons we’ve learned from history, what this latest [...]

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