Is home your new base camp?

With cases of COVID hitting record highs, you might be working at home or a bit reluctant to go out these days. 

Now, what if you live alone? Or what if you just have a small social circle? 

You might be spending a lot of time by yourself for the foreseeable future. Are you ok with that? 

When you have no choice, it means it’s time to start enjoying your own company.

We are social creatures by nature, but there’s something to be said about enjoying time to yourself. Introverted people often say they have a battery inside, which depletes with every social interaction until it’s time to ‘recharge’ again. 

What might that entail?

For some, taking time alone to recharge means self-care, such as taking a hot bath, buying and reading a new book while enjoying a hot cup of tea. 

For others, it might mean finding a new online game to while away the hours (Stardew Valley, anyone?), hitting up their home gym they set up last year when the pandemic started or going through their closet to re-organize their wardrobe. 

If you’ve been running yourself ragged for the past two years or otherwise have been bogged down with responsibilities to friends and family, you might need time to recharge, too. 

So take the next rare opportunity for time alone to take yourself out on a date. 

You heard me right.

 Take yourself out on a ‘date night’! Cook your favorite food, put on a movie you’ve been dying to watch – but everyone else you know has turned down. 

If you’d rather break out of the house, take yourself out for coffee. Bring your laptop or tablet and make some future plans.

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