A movie came out in 1991 called “Terminator 2”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? 

The sequel to the 1984 action hit “The Terminator” upped the ante in many aspects from the original, where our heroes Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese stopped the Terminator from fulfilling his mission of terminating (get it?) John Conner.

It makes sense, right? Go back in time to destroy something that will be a problem for you in the future. In this case, it was going back in time to kill the human resistance leader to pave the way for easy machine domination before he was born.  

In the future, when the soldiers of tomorrow learn that a machine has been sent back in time, they react quickly and send a human of their own, a man named Kyle Reese. When he arrives, he tells Sarah Conner about the world’s impending end, the war against the machines, and how important her son will be to the upcoming war effort. 

Having that amount of insight into the future can have a tremendous impact on a person’s decisions. 

Because of what Kyle Reese told Sarah, she devotes her life to preparing John as he grows up to become the leader that will one day win the war against the machines.  

So, what if a time traveler told you that you’d run out of money before you died because of a massive tax hike or because you became seriously ill? 

You and I both know that once the shock wore off, we would commit to preventing this dark future from ever occurring. 

We don’t have time-traveling financial advisors (yet) to warn you of the hardships to come. But, what we CAN do is review what you’re doing and forecast your future based on what we do know.  

This will help prepare you financially to weather any storms as they come. Well, except for a war against machines. I don’t think anyone could prepare for that.

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It’s not too late – the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make.