Summer is coming to an end quickly in the U.S., but it feels like the season is endless in the Caribbean. 

A trip to the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without a sandy beach to lay on, a beautiful hotel where you can kick up your heels and rest, and a tropical drink in hand on a sunset catamaran cruise. 

One thing that certainly wouldn’t be on a Caribbean checklist…

is swimming with swine in the Bahamas!

You heard me right. Pigs (in the ocean!) – and you can swim with them right now!

If you take a boat from the white sand beaches of the Exumas island chain, to Big Major Cay, (or book a day trip and fly out from Miami), you’ll find a swarm of grunting, squealing inhabitants rushing to greet you at Pig Beach. 

(Trust me, these aren’t the mud-wallowing, dirty barn animals that might have you feeling a bit grossed out right now – these pigs are adorable!)

So how did these pigs end up on a small island in the Bahamas? 

The typical legends abound of pirates and shipwrecks, but one plausible story is that a Bahamian man was looking to start a hog farm in the late ’90s. 

Allegedly, the man and his business partner, in fear of the Y2K crisis (remember that?), wanted to generate a sustainable food supply in the event of a disaster. Years later, these feral pigs are not food; they’re tourism! 

Talk about a lifestyle upgrade!

Each year, hundreds of tourists flock to Pig Beach to snap selfies in the water with the pigs. 

The pigs are attracted to the tourists, who often bring food with them to lure them closer. Though the pigs are typically gentle, there is the odd report of people being bitten – likely caused by food in hand and not by aggression. They are animals, after all. 

These little celebrities have been featured in books, movies, and most recently, on an episode of the popular show “The Bachelor.”

When you plan well, summer doesn’t have to end – and we can help you go hog-wild when dreaming about your next vacation! Why not give my office a call today at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or book online to discuss your financial planning options?

Nikki Earley, CFP®