Feeling a bit cramped at home these days? You’re not alone. 

During the pandemic, our lives were all turned topsy-turvy – and impacting how we live at home. 

There was online schooling for our kids, working from home, adopting pandemic pets… and lockdowns. The four walls seemed to close around us, didn’t it? 

It seems like many people moved to bigger and better digs, or away from the city to escape the crowds and noise. 

But what if moving isn’t an option? 

Is there a way to reduce your stress and enjoy more space at home?

What’s the secret?

A good ol’ fashioned garage sale of course!

What? I’m serious! I want you to go out to your garage right now and roll up the door – it’s packed in there, isn’t it? 

If you go through your entire home, I’ll bet you have lots of old stuff stashed away. You can’t possibly need everything you have, and frankly, you probably don’t want a lot of it either. 

Think of what you could do with more space in the house and more money in your wallet:

  • Home gym – most of us that enjoy working out can’t see dragging ourselves back to the gym. They always felt dingy and icky before, but now with the post-pandemic world, the thought of sharing gym equipment and changerooms makes us want to break out the Lysol. Of course, a home gym can take up considerable space, so plan on decluttering smartly. 
  • Craft space – getting artsy isn’t just for the kids! Adults can benefit from having a dedicated workspace to work on their hobbies. A setup can be pretty inexpensive and requires little more than a sturdy work table and chairs.
  • Greenspace – it’s nice to have a little nook where you can relax with a cup of morning coffee. Cheery succulents and rhododendrons can brighten a space considerably, and it’s easier to take care of your plants in a dedicated area rather than sprawled all over the house.

The other benefit to decluttering and creating these suggested spaces is the health benefits. 

Destressing while tending to your plants, taking care of your health on the treadmill, and expressing yourself creatively does wonders for your well-being. 

Might be time to plan your next garage sale and let out a sigh of relief!

Why not reach out to us at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or go online? A brief 15-minute call with us will give you financial clarity to reach your goals. We can help you plan financially to make your zen spaces a reality.

Now that’s stress-busting! 

Nikki Earley, CFP®