This month, nearly 2.2 billion children across the world will start a new school year, some for the first time. No matter your race, culture or creed, the first day of school is a significant one and different countries have an array of traditions to mark the special occasion. I wanted to explore some of the more touching back-to-school traditions from around the world. 

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, students each bring a single flower for the teacher on the first day of school. The teacher then gathers all the flowers together to make a bouquet.

In India, kids receive special gifts on the first day of school, or praveshanotshavam, “Admission Day”, as it’s called there. Often, as the first day of school coincides with the beginning of monsoon season, gifts can include a brand new umbrella.

In Austria and Germany, students are gifted with their Schultütes, cone-shaped tubes. Traditionally they are filled with candy and other treats, but nowadays these tubes often contain much-needed back-to-school supplies alongside the candy.

Similarly, in Japan, children receive a randoseru: a backpack that will last them through their primary school years. They are highly durable and considered nostalgic childhood mementos.

Lots of thought and celebration go into these back-to-school traditions. It’s an exciting time of looking forward to the future and all it holds. 

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Nikki Earley, CFP®