In my last email, I talked about how the sitcom “Friends” gave us a glimpse into the insane rental market by having two seemingly low-income people afford a sprawling two-bedroom apartment in lower Manhattan.

This feat would make landlords and renters alike everywhere laugh in unison at the absurdity of how low rent was compared to the average income for the time.

Today, I’m going to talk about another ever-present trope seen in sitcoms: meeting at the bar/coffee house/restaurant/diner practically every day for years on end.

If any ordinary person were to go to a coffee house every day for a year, they’d be looking at spending $2.99 per cup on average. Assuming they only drink a cup of regular Joe and get nothing else (muffins, sandwiches, donuts, big salads, or soups), that’s just under $1,100 spent on coffee alone!

If you have a taste for the fancier side of coffee shops and spend $6.00 on your daily latte, you’re out just shy of $2,200.

Don’t want to pack a lunch to take to work? Let’s say you modestly spend $10.00 each workday. You’ve just spent $2,620 on lunch in a year.

On TV, our favorite stars visit these hotspots for multiple years, so that’s a lot of money down the drain if you have similar habits.

While I’m not judging you for having loyalty to a local business, you could very well be spending equivalent to a down payment on a house or a car on takeout if you take your cue from those snappily written folks on TV.

We all have financial goals. Maybe your goal is to find ways to stop spending so much day-to-day. Or maybe you WANT to be able to afford to go to a diner every day without worrying about spending too much.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®