Wouldn’t money for nothing be the best thing ever? Dire Straits had the right idea (and a few wrong ones) with their 1988 rock hit. Today though, I want to pay homage not to the band but to MTV, which was famously referenced in words sung by Sting in “Money For Nothing.”

On August 1st, 1981, MTV began broadcasting in New York City to the acclaim of music enthusiasts within their reach. The first video they played?

“Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles.

Oh yeah, they definitely went there.

Being the first network of its kind, MTV steadily grew in popularity. Record companies even gave the station music videos for free because of the sheer marketing potential it presented. And the idea of a TV station devoted to music was genius because it had never been done before.

Granted, it took several years and failed ideas to get it off the ground. But once it learned to fly, it soared.

Despite its shift in focus in recent years from music videos to reality programming, it remains one of the most popular stations – and it all began with an idea.

Of course, a risky idea like this could not have come together so well without a sound plan and investors who believed in it.

If you have an idea for something huge or perhaps a potentially risky venture, you will want to ensure you have a sound plan and an investment to put behind it.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®