In 1997, in Jim Carrey’s heyday, he starred in Liar, Liar, where he played pathologically fibbing attorney Fletcher Reede.

After alienating his 5-year-old son Max when he blows him off on his 5th birthday, Fletcher gets his comeuppance in some seriously embarrassing ways after Max makes a birthday wish: that for just one day his father couldn’t tell a lie.

Of course, this occurs on the day that he has a career-making case to represent in court – and it seems there’s absolutely no way that he can win it without lying.

Reede’s client is in the middle of a nasty divorce settlement (worth just over 11 million dollars) with her wealthy ex-husband and begins to see him as little more than a quick payday after Reede’s previous manipulations.

In the end, Fletcher wins the case on a mere technicality, but realizes he’s created a monster in his client when she reveals that she wants to take her children away from their doting father to get more money in child support payments.

Luckily, he sees the error of his ways and becomes a much better person in the process.

The good news is that you don’t have to sell your soul to increase your wealth. It’ll probably take longer than a day in court to do it. Still, with careful planning, you and I can create your very own roadmap to financial security – and that’s the truth.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®