Question: Do you think extreme couponing is insane – or a brilliant way to save money?

If you have the time to collect coupons and match them to the right stores to maximize the return on that time – why not? As long as you’re not hurting anyone (looking at you, last year’s toilet paper hoarders) or doing anything illegal, you do you.

But, there’s a case for both sides…

Brilliant: student couponer in Missouri snagged 30 cans of infant formula and earned money in the process (because her coupons were worth more than the formula) – then she donated the formula to a nearby town hit by a devastating tornado. There are all kinds of stories circling the internet about people who’ve slashed their grocery bills from couponing like a pro.

Insane: the dark side of couponing comes mostly from hoarding. Extreme couponing is like a gateway drug to this habit and feeds into compulsive behavior. I found a story about a woman who stocked 62 bottles of mustard for her small family. 62! Who eats that many hot dogs – and wouldn’t it go bad by the time it’s used? It quickly becomes less about practicality and more about the thrill of ‘getting away with it’.

Either way, there’s an easier way to plan for retirement than clipping coupons, folks.

What you need is a dedicated financial planner. Someone who can look over your goals, assets, income, debts, and spending habits holistically so that you don’t have to resort to extreme couponing to get ahead.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®