What do you think about zombie movies and shows?

I’ve found that people tend to have strong feelings about ’em – they either love them or hate them.

The people who like this genre tend to get drawn in by the thrill of the fight for survival, the idea of fending for yourself and escaping the boring done-for-you life we live now.

Those who don’t? Probably grossed out by the gore and put off by the violence.

No matter what camp you fall under, I think we can agree on one thing:

If there really was a zombie apocalypse, it would be great if the IRS was one of the first things to go.

Since that’s an improbable scenario, you should probably batten down the hatches in another way and fortify your retirement from financial apocalypse. After all, the IRS will gobble up your life’s savings just as fast as a zombie will eat brains if you’re not prepared for it and armed to the teeth with weapons of your own.

Financial advisors like us are just one way you can do that – so go online or give us a call at 513-563-PLAN (7526) to book a quick chat to talk about the weapons in your arsenal.