Get those solar eclipse glasses ready!

Though not quite as visible as it was in 2017, there will be a lunar eclipse tomorrow that can be seen across the United States.

While the moon eclipsing the sun is a fascinating phenomenon to witness, as a financial advisor, it reminds me of a common concern voiced by my clients: will my lifespan eclipse the lifespan of my savings?

Unfortunately, this concern is becoming increasingly common, and rightfully so. The traditional principles of retirement are quickly becoming ancient history. Pensions are nearly extinct. Retiring at 65 is more commonly an exception than a rule, and the future is becoming increasingly uncertain.

That’s why it’s more critical than ever to think about retirement before it’s too late.

For younger people, have you thought about if you’re saving enough each year? Have you considered if you’ve invested in the right assets for achieving growth?

For people closer to retirement, is your money still growing while being invested in assets that will protect you from sudden downturns?

These are only a couple of the many questions you face, but we’ve helped hundreds of families answer them to ensure their finances last through retirement. Give us a call today at 513-563-PLAN (7526) or book online here to schedule a consultation and make sure your money doesn’t eclipse your lifespan.