Have you ever met someone who insists on doing everything themself – no matter how bad they are at it or how much they dislike doing it?

Like when new entrepreneurs are at the point in their business where they need to hire help to grow it, but refuse to because “it costs too much!”.

“I’m frugal!” they might say with indignation. No, no, no.

What they’re really doing is taking time away from growing their business – and doing the things that they are exceptional at (can you imagine if Elon Musk was taking reception calls because he was too cheap to hire a receptionist?). They’re even taking time away from their families, which is arguably worse.

The point is, it’s not really throwing money down the drain when you seek out and pay for the help of a professional so you can redirect your time to something more productive.

In our business owner’s case, they’re literally buying time back – and that’s the most precious resource we humans have.

When it comes to finances, you’re buying time back from staring at market reports and panicking because you’re not sure what to do. You’re enlisting the help of someone who wants you to succeed in crafting the future you always wanted instead of trying to do it alone.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®