Goodness gracious, we’ve got a lot to look at and think about these days when it comes to the technology we want to implement and use in our daily lives—cell phones, tablets, computers, and most recently, wearables.

Wearable technology has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, with smartwatches becoming popularized by Apple with their Apple Watch. And of course, Android Wear, for you Android folks (the phone users, I mean. Not actual androids. That would be pretty cool, though).

With a smartwatch, your digital life is no longer stuck in your pocket, and your notifications, assistant, and time are now just a flick of the wrist away, for better or worse.

With this additional, more easily accessible window into our mobile-app-driven lifestyle comes perhaps even more reliance on them to help keep our chaotic lives in order. There’s also no added effort or social faux-pas in taking your phone out to glance at what that buzz in your pocket was about during your child’s school play (pandemic aside).

On the other side, many wearables also offer health information via a built-in heart rate monitor, step counter. Some even update you on your sleep quality by tracking how much you moved throughout the night. We all know how important keeping track of your health is, and technology aims to accomplish that in the simplest of ways.

Another neat feature of some wearables is implementation with Google and Apple Pay through Near-field Communication, essentially turning your watch into a bank card.

But, waving your hand across the PIN Pad at the cashier is almost literally waving goodbye to your money. It almost makes it TOO easy to spend money at that point!

Naturally, with all technologies, there are points for and against them. Maybe you don’t want to be so connected to your online life and notifications that you need to have it fed to you through your wrist.

Financial planning is kind of the same way. What you want to get out of it won’t be the same as the next person, which is why we’re here to talk you through it and figure out what you want to accomplish, even if it’s literally waving goodbye to your money at a department store.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®