Many of us have some extra time on our hands right now – and it’s spring cleaning season! So why not take some time to go through the clutter that might have made semi-permanent residence in your basement or attic?

After all, there are stories about forgotten knickknacks being worth a small fortune, and what’s in your home could add a nice boost to your bottom line. I scoured the internet for surprisingly valuable things that many people have tucked away, and here are a few of my favorites:

Video game consoles. Systems from the 1980s are raking in the big bucks, especially if it’s a rare edition or unused console! A Sony PlayStation sold at auction in March 2020 for a completely insane $360K. You can make a mint from selling old video games, too – with some going for more than $20,000!

Books. Not too many books are super valuable, but you never know what you might have tucked away! Even an old cookbook can surprise you – a first edition copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by the Julia Child might sell for $1,250. (You can look up book values on Biblio to help you get an idea of what yours might be worth).

Concert Posters. Posters and other memorabilia can sell for surprisingly high amounts. There’s a story of a poster for a 1966 Shea Stadium Beatles concert selling for $137,000!

There’s a whole world of sought-after collectible items out there that you may not have thought of. If you feel inspired to go through that old box that’s been collecting dust, do some research on what’s in it, and sell it if the price is right!

But, I think we can agree that what you do with your profit is more important than the thrill of selling it, and that’s where we come in.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®