Way back when, kids knew they were in for 30 minutes of adventure when the William Tell Overture hit the airways to announce another episode of “The Lone Ranger.”

With his fearless companion Tonto, this icon of the old West bested bad guys week in, week out – often without drawing even a drop of blood, simply shooting the six-gun right from the Black Bart’s evil hands.

“Who was that Masked Man?” the grateful townsfolk would say as he rode off into the sunset.

Well, given the times, it’s clear we’re now definitely in an age of “masked men” and “masked women” – but thankfully, we have cell phones to help us keep track of who’s who. Of course, when there’s societal change, businesses look for ways to turn lemons into lemonade.

One example is the famed meat-packing company Hormel.

The Minnesota-based brand has recently started giving away face masks that smell like BACON.

Be still my heart.

Imprinted with an image of the popular delicacy, the bacon-scented mask meets all CDC guidelines and is made from a breathable, two-ply fabric.

But the real benefit, especially for pork-crazed fans, is that they’ve managed to incorporate “the latest in bacon-smell technology” to give each mask the sweet aroma of the company’s trademark “Black Label” premium bacon.

According to the website, “finally, bacon-bliss can be with you always.”

Sadly not available in stores, you can put your name in on the website where a draw will reveal the lucky bacon-breathing winners.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®