In a country where it sometimes seems nobody agrees about anything, going to the dentist is something just about everyone agrees on.

Nobody likes going to the dentist. 

Sure, every six months or so, we dutifully hop in the car and make our way there. But it’s not something anyone looks forward to doing.

Well – according to Forbes – investors have recently wagered a cool $37 Million that the hearts and minds of reluctant flossers can change.

Instead of focusing on oral hygiene or technology, startup company Tend is placing its business bets on creatively re-imagining the entire experience of the dental patient.

Its innovations include creating custom, personalized experiences based on information gained from several sources. It will consist of things like what flavor of toothpaste you prefer, the Netflix shows you’d like to see shown during treatment, and even the aromatherapy scent you’d like to have surrounding you as you get that root canal.

It’s all about making the entire patient visit more comfortable and relaxing.  Even the dental drills used during procedures have been improved to make them quieter and less stressful.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®