What’s the #1 favorite song of summer for all time?

HINT: It’s a golden oldie you probably won’t think of…

Done guessing?

Well then, here you go…

“The Ice Cream Truck Song!”

I bet you didn’t see that coming. But it’s so true, ask any kid anywhere in America, and they’ll tell you the tune they MOST want to hear is the clinky-clanky sound of the Good Humor man invading their neighborhood.

What’s fascinating about this is that a single, family-owned electronics company owns 97% of the ice cream truck music market.

This tale first hit the street in 1973 when electrical engineer Bob Nichols had the realization that a song from the hit movie, “The Sting,” would be irresistible as the jingle for an ice cream truck. Already owning the market for supplying music boxes for mobile frozen treat vendors, Nichols unleashed Joplin’s ragtime classic “The Entertainer” on a hot, parched nation.

Just 25 years later, that song was USA’s ice cream truck tune of choice.

Of course, people like variety, so Nichols Electronics offers several songs these days for icy treat truckers, but to make the playlist, a song has to meet several criteria:

  • It must be between 15 – 45 seconds and be easy to remember.
  • It’s got to be simple.
  • It’s best if it offers at least a hint of nostalgia.

Some of the songs that fit the bill include: Greensleeves, Waltzing Matilda, Brahm’s Lullaby, and La Cucaracha. There are 16 songs to choose from, all of them road-tested, proven, tried and true.

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