Working from home has more than a few small pleasures:

  • A commute that only requires a trip down the hallway.
  • No unscrupulous co-workers to lift your lunch from the break room fridge.
  • Pants-free Fridays (just keep the webcam focused properly).

But there are drawbacks. And on the most significant is the blurring of the lines between WORK time and PERSONAL time. After all, when the home office runs double duty as the rec room, you’ve got to stay focused to keep work-life properly balanced.

Here are a few ideas from FastCompany on how to carve out more ME time…

Set Work-Free Times – it’s natural to have to work overtime now and then, but you need to carve out limits. To avoid the feeling that you’re always on, set some hard and fast work-free times – perhaps from 6PM to 8PM or after 10PM. Whatever it is, keep these times sacred and off-limits.

Define Health Must-Haves – this could include setting aside at least 7 hours a night for sleep. If you’re not fully rested, you can’t maintain a quality of life that keeps you healthy or even productive on the job. Make sure to include time for regular exercise, walks, or at least stretching to get yourself up and away from the desk.

Do What You Want – make sure to reserve time for the things in life that give you joy and pleasure. For example, maybe it’s playing with the kids, watching TV, or reading a book. For some, it could be tinkering in the garage or playing golf. Don’t feel guilty about doing this. It’s part of the reason you work so hard in the first place.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean working all the time. By being clear about when you’re ON and OFF duty, you can keep burnout at bay.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®