One of the classic toys of yesteryear was “Creepy Crawlers.”

Highly regarded by kids far and wide, it enabled you to customize and create rubbery toy bugs, causing only a few superficial burns in the process.

What made this so much fun was that you could give mom or little sister some serious heebie-jeebies by tossing a gross spider or big fat worm their way.

There’s just something about “bugs” that gives most people the willies. But why?

For many, even a mere photo of a spider can send them into fits. Arachnophobia remains one of our most common fears. But it’s not limited to spiders. Cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish, they all make us go ICK.

Some scientists wager the reason lies way back in history’s dusty depths. Perhaps it’s because the humans who did NOT have any fear of poking their fingers or nose into nooks and crannies where lurking buggers roam paid the venomous/infectious price… leaving those who hate bugs behind to pass similar fears on to their descendants.

But, like ‘em or not, we may all be forced to face our fears in ways we never anticipated. According to a piece in Fast Company, the world’s largest insect farm – capable of growing millions of beetles – will soon finish construction. The goal is to use them as a cheap protein source for pet food, fish food, and fertilizer.

Can beetle burgers be all that far behind?

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Nikki Earley, CFP®