Have you ever needed to get away from conflict between you and a loved one?

Indeed, tempers can flare for many reasons, both good and bad. And sometimes the best thing to do for sure is to exit stage left to take a breather.

But you CAN take this a wee bit too far.

Consider the recent tale of an Italian couple who made international headlines after their now-famous spat.

The husband, angry after a fight with his wife, took off out the door and started walking to cool down.

He started from their home in the village of Como, in northern Italy right on the Swiss border.

He hit the road and started walking South, eventually winding up in Fano, a town on the Adriatic Coast.

A full 280 miles away.

When the police finally stopped the man at 2AM for violating curfew rules, they were shocked to hear how far he’d come. It seemed unbelievable, especially since it did it totally on foot, without any vehicle transport.

Averaging about 40 miles per day, the man told the police he hadn’t realized how far he’d walked.

When they called his wife, she drove down to pick him up – having to first pay the $485 fine he was given for breaking quarantine rules.

As interesting as his “time-out” road trip must have been, I’m sure the ride home was equally intriguing. Thus far, no details on that adventure have emerged.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®