You’ve probably heard the name Keanu Reeves by now.

This Canadian actor is most famous for his roles in the Bill and Ted, Matrix and John Wick franchises. But, in a time where the media has shattered the images of many of our favorite celebrity heroes, Keanu has risen to the occasion and made us smile just by being himself.

He was at a convention a couple years back, and a fan yelled “you’re breathtaking!” as Reeves walked onstage. The star endeared himself to the crowd by responding in kind.

“You’re breathtaking,” the actor said as he pointed to the audience. “You’re all breathtaking.”

As you can imagine, the crowd went wild! The Keanu Reeves said that they’re breathtaking!

But there’s more than just a one-off compliment to this superstar.

If taking a pay cut on a production so that other talented actors can be paid fairly isn’t saintly, how about anonymously donating massive amounts of money to children’s hospitals?

How about the way he holds his hands above the waistlines of women when taking their picture?

He’s also made waves on the internet because he was filmed taking the bus and even giving up his seat for people who need it more!


The man is talented, kind, generous AND respects women. What more can you ask for in a hero?

He’s also seen his share of hardships, which makes his wholesome persona even more impressive:

  • Born in Beirut, Lebanon, his father walked out on his family when he was three years old. His single mother moved several times, uprooting Keanu as they relocated to Australia, Canada, Hawaii, and New York City.
  • Keanu attended four high schools by the time he was 17 and suffered from dyslexia.
  • Famous actor River Phoenix was Keanu’s best friend. Their bromance was cut tragically short when River died of a drug overdose in 1993.
  • Keanu’s girlfriend Jennifer Symes lost her life in a motor vehicle accident in 2001. If that wasn’t sad enough, they broke up a few years earlier because of the grief surrounding the loss of their baby.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. We’ve all been through bad times (this year especially). Let’s all be like Keanu and spread around as much kindness and love into the world as we can. We have the power to make the bad times a little more bearable when we do this.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®