A few months back, there was a cable show on one of the major networks that involved two guys who shared a common, disgusting fascination.

They liked to sample food.

Not any food.

OLD food.

And I mean old… really old… like Army rations from WWI. Bags of potato chips from the 70s. Cookies that pre-dated the Keebler elves.

It was… interesting.

Fortunately, the show ended on schedule with all episodes completing successfully and NOT due to food poisoning.

Now that was YUK – but this could be even worse…

Researchers have come up with the wonderful idea of digging deep beneath the South Pacific sea floor – some 70 meters deep – to bring up ancient bacteria.

Why anyone thought this a great idea I’ll never know. Didn’t they watch “The Thing” or any other sci-fi horror films from the 50s? This kind of experiment NEVER ends well.

Well, no one asked me (maybe they should have). Lo and behold, when they fed these ancient bacteria, they discovered that even after 100 million years, they could be coaxed with the right vittles to come back to alive and kicking.

Known to science as Cyanobacteria, these little critters somehow managed to survive under incredibly challenging conditions – no light, no air, no nothing. It’s a fantastic testament to the wonders of life here on good ol’ mother Earth.

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