Have you ever heard the term: “Twinfluencers”?

It’s one of the hottest trends in marketing worldwide – and according to a piece in the Economic Times, international brands like Pepsi, L’Oréal, and Emami have jumped on the “seeing double” bandwagon in a big way.

Some think it’s a nostalgia play for a generation that grew up with the Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The Parent Trap, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

In any event, the use of twins in advertising – particularly for fashion and general entertainment – is huge. Advertisers say the benefit is that their identical appearance in ads makes them more distinct and sets them apart.

The twinfluencers craze kicked off just over a year ago in the US – but has since grown into an international online community ranging from France to Zimbabwe to India and Australia.

“Using social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, twinfluencers follow and feed off each other for ideas and inspiration,” says the Times. “Some have their own merchandise while others have a twin-focused clothing line.”

Their popularity has even inspired siblings who aren’t twins to take steps to match up their appearance. Antara and Ankita Nandy, better known as the Nandy sisters – even though born three years apart – have jumped in with both feet, doing everything they can to look identical.

Even though the benefits of fame can be great, the associated challenges of twinfluencing can be significant. For example, if one gains weight, it’s a requirement to either lose it quickly or hand your sister another gallon of ice cream.

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