Who doesn’t appreciate an excellent seafood dinner at a fancy restaurant?

Well, I can think of someone –

The main course.

Yeah, it’s tough being a lobster. As a lobster, you don’t have to fret too much about those crazies on Deadliest Catch – they’re more interested in your King Crab cousins. And besides, they’re way out northwest off Alaska.

Your “Maine” concern is wily New Englanders and their addiction to lobster rolls.

And it can be a tough life navigating those dangerous waters. Many of your mates wind up in that great boiling pot in the sky.

But NOT if you caught a lucky break when your lobster parents rolled the DNA dice… and you wound up as a very rare, very special variety – with a deep blue shell.

ABC News reports that one such crustacean barely escaped the evening menu when an astute employee at Red Lobster noticed something distinctively different. They alerted the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California to let them know of the discovery.

The aquarium brokered a deal between Red Lobster for the blue lobster with the Akron city zoo, where employees were thrilled to give the beastie a new home in a special tank known as “Clawde’s Man Cave.”

According to experts at the zoo, Clawde’s blue coloration is a rare genetic anomaly that only occurs in one of two million lobsters.

So he’s a very special catch indeed.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®