No, I’m not referring to President Gerald R. Ford, Jr.

I’m talking about car tycoon Henry Ford. Did you know he came close to becoming the president of the United States in 1924?

Indeed, he did—but the unexpected and suspicious death of his opponent stopped him.

The incumbent president, Warren Harding, who has been ranked by American historians as among the worst presidents, led a notoriously corrupt administration pockmarked by a series of financial and political scandals.

As the 1924 election season came nearer, Henry Ford seriously considered running in the race. His Model T was at peak popularity. He enabled most of the country to enjoy affordable transportation. And an influential opinion poll in the summer of 1923 showed that he could comfortably defeat Harding in an election.

Then, in August 1923, Harding suddenly died. Some thought his wife poisoned him because of his adultery. She refused to allow an autopsy to be held.

He was succeeded by his vice-president, Calvin Coolidge, a shy, restrained, and eminently cautious character. In 1924, Coolidge ran on a campaign slogan of ‘Keep Cool with Coolidge’. He went on to win the election in an overwhelming victory. Ford had seen the change of fortune by the end of 1923 and Coolidge’s mastery of the political art. He quietly dropped out of the race.

Sometimes it’s obvious when someone is going down the wrong path. And fortunes can change in an instant. At Money & Clarity, we know how to spot the red flags so we can steer you in another direction.

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Henry Ford would be proud.

Nikki Earley, CFP®