At the end of some movies, you’ll see a series of deleted clips called “bloopers.”

Well, now we have “Zoopers,” where embarrassing and awkward moments happen during a school or work Zoom meeting.

The pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives, including meetings. Since schools and businesses can’t meet face-to-face, they’ve turned to Zoom to fill the gap.

But what’s really funny is when people aren’t aware that when the web camera is on, you can see and hear everything in view. Like:

  • The woman who was on a business call and her husband walked across the room in just a top and his underwear…
  • The young student who was attending class didn’t mute her microphone and everyone heard the argument she had with her boyfriend…
  • The boss who turned her image into a talking potato and couldn’t change it back once the meeting started…

Others may not understand why muting is so important. From one student:

“First class of the day, Professor asks us to unmute our mic’s to make the classroom setting on zoom more “real”. Now listening to lecture plus two people breathing heavily and someone munching on chips loudly into the mic.”

So why are they doing those things?

Well, we’re in our own homes, and there’s nothing like a quarantine to make people a little bit too casual. It might take a while before folks understand how the private has become more public than ever. That means there will be even more Zoom fails as this goes on.

Ah, well. We all need a good laugh, right?

We understand that – now more than ever.  So, whether that’s watching silly Zoom videos or your favorite comedian on YouTube, we’re with you.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially your retirement years. We love to help our clients find new reasons for laughter, which is why we work so hard to create a plan that will help you reach that destination.

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Nikki Earley, CFP®