Believe it or not, Superman almost didn’t happen.

The cartoonists who created Superman (that’s Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for the uninitiated) got rejected by New York publishers for four years.

Siegel was only 20 when he came up with the Superman legend. After a sleepless night in 1934, he drafted the story. He then asked his friend, Shuster, to draw the character.

When they pitched the publishers, rejection came with this message: Superman was “too fantastic” for their readers.

It eventually received the green light in 1938 when DC Comics developed a new comic book. Incredibly, Siegel and Shuster were only paid $130 between them for the rights, and they signed on to work as freelance contributors.

As they watched the popularity of Superman skyrocket, Siegel and Shuster spent over 30 years in litigation trying to get a better deal. Sadly, Siegel had to take a job as a mail clerk and Shuster as a messenger to make ends meet.

At the end of his life, Siegel said that just the sight of a Superman comic book almost made him sick. They both would have likely been shocked that their creation still had life in it 82 years later.

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