There’s a Biblical proverb that says, “don’t put new wine in old skins.”

It refers to the fact that back in the day, in the years BP (Before Plastic), people didn’t have a lot of choices when it came to transporting wine. They did have clay jars and such, but those are bulky and heavy. Thus, the solution was to use the skin of a goat instead, sewing the edges together to make it watertight.

A brand new skin is still flexible and able to expand as it fills. But if you tried to re-use an old wineskin, it’s already been stretched to its limit – so attempting to refill it with a fresh batch of cabernet is only asking for trouble. Kablooey!

Nowadays, the most common container used by vintners is glass bottles, which come in all shapes and sizes, with labeling galore. The challenge, however, is what do you do with all those bottles after you’re done? You can only do the melting candle-in-the-wine-bottle schtick so many times – and as an item of home décor, that notion ran out of steam with lava lamps.

According to USA Today, in the age of the lockdown, a comeback kid has appeared to aficionados of the grape – boxed wine.

I know. For many, it’s a thought too horrifying to consider.

But truth be told, boxed wine is on a roll. And why not?

  • It uses recyclable packaging.
  • It reduces wasted wine – a crime in itself.
  • It helps preserve the freshness of the drink.
  • No more wrestling with corks. I, for one, like not having to worry about an errant cork taking out my ceiling lights!
  • It’s convenient to bring home! A single box can hold the same amount of wine as six or seven regular bottles.

The world’s biggest box wine brand (Franzia) saw a 27% increase in sales for the 13 weeks ending June 13 compared to the same time in 2019. And in case you didn’t know, Franzia’s the BIGGEST wine brand on the planet, selling more wine by volume than anyone else for over the last two decades.

Hey, if you like the taste of boxed wine – and many do – who am I to judge?

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Nikki Earley, CFP®