One of the biggest events of 2020 was the on-demand release by streaming giant Disney+ of the hit Broadway hip-hop musical, “Hamilton.”

The original debuted in 2015 to rave reviews, grossing over a billion dollars in revenues. Sources claim Disney paid a cool $75 Million for the rights to the film version. Initially scheduled for release in the fall of 2021, it was released this summer instead because of the pandemic.

Variety reported that the release was a massive success for Disney – downloads saw a 74% jump over the previous month… which means a very nice bump in subscribers. I’m sure the Mouse doesn’t mind at all.

The play is based on the real-life Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who – according to, led a fascinating life:

  • In 1777, he took an early role in the Revolution, serving as right-hand man to General George Washington.
  • Wrote 51 of the 85 installments of The Federalist Papers, one of the most important sets of documents in American history.
  • First Secretary of the Treasury – the primary author of President Washington’s economic policies.
  • A lawyer in New York City – Hamilton was active in ending the legality of the international slave trade.
  • Formed the First Bank of the United States – a critical step in convincing other countries that the USA was financially sound.
  • He was challenged to a duel by Aaron Burr, whom he considered unworthy of running for the office of Governor of New York. Hamilton was shot and mortally wounded, passing away the next day on July 12, 1804.
  • Oddly enough, earlier in their careers, both Burr and Hamilton were lawyers. They even worked together on a case to successfully defend an innocent man wrongly accused of murder.

Clearly, his was a life worth remembering and celebrating. Nothing wrong with that in the least.

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