Today’s Puzzle:

Like it or not, there are certain financial challenges that women are more prone to face. Why is that? What can you do about it?

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The Solution:

What financial challenges are most prevalent among women? We all face some financial challenges, regardless of who we are or what our backgrounds have been. That said, there are certain things that we want to focus on today that we see more commonly with women.

Do you understand how your money is invested and why? Having a certain level of engagement with your financial plan is important, even when working with a trusted advisor. Just like when you see a doctor, they may be the expert, but you still want to do a bit of research in order to build an understanding of what is going on with your health.

Why do some women seem to end up in difficult financial situations during retirement? There are several reasons that can cause this. Whether it’s due to making less money in the workplace or due to taking off several years in order to be a caretaker for their children or elderly relatives, there is less money saved for retirement.

When it comes to longevity, women often live longer. Half of widows face a 50 percent or more loss of household income when their spouse dies. How can a husband better prepare and ensure his wife isn’t left with a financial mess? Is the estate plan in order?

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[1:06] – What financial issues are particularly challenging for women?

[1:47] – What level of engagement do most women have in their financial plan?

[4:06] – Why do so many retired women find themselves in difficult financial situations?

[6:15] – What specific challenges are faced by widowed women?

[7:39] – What should a husband do to prevent a mess being left behind for his wife?

[8:44] – How has Nikki helped women facing retirement and financial stress alone?

The Full Picture:

“We want our clients to have at least a basic understanding of how their money is being invested and more importantly, why. We like to call ourselves educators that happen to be investment planners.”

– Nikki Earley

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