Herman Watzinger: [about the ropes that kept the raft united] It’s our only chance. Our only hope now is to try and reinforce the ropes. Tighten up everything again.
Thor Heyerdahl: Herman… We have built this raft just like Tiki did, and he made it there. And so will we. This is the faith we have.
Herman Watzinger: Faith? This isn’t a religion Thor. This is… insanity.
Thor Heyerdahl: This is bigger than us.
Herman Watzinger: Please. Look at the logs. Feel how your raft is moving.
Thor Heyerdahl: Tiki knew.
Herman Watzinger: My God! You understand nothing? There’s no one here except you who believes in Tiki!
Thor Heyerdahl: No?
[makes a pause. He looks at everybody]
Thor Heyerdahl: Then what the hell are you doing here?

Thor Heyerdahl was a visionary.

Amidst obstacles and resistance, he convinced the Peruvian President José Bustamante y Rivero to fund his radical idea through Rivero’s contacts in the U.S. Navy.

Heyerdahl’s proposition?

Although most believed that Polynesia had been settled by people migrating from the west, Heyerdahl, an experimental ethnographer and adventurer, intended to prove his theory that people from South America settled the islands in pre-Columbian times.

And he was going to build a balsawood raft—using the same techniques utilized 1,500 years ago by indigenous peoples of the region—to do it.

Even though he didn’t know how to swim, he gathered a small group of men to be the crew and set out on a treacherous 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific from Peru to Polynesia.

Amazingly, three months later, they completed their journey. Proving that the trade winds indeed brought the raft from Peru to Polynesia. Heyerdahl wrote the famous book about their adventure: Kon-Tiki, which has been translated into over 70 languages and sold over 50 million copies.

Heyerdahl would often tell his crew, “Have faith.” He had an unshakeable belief that the techniques used centuries ago would still work for his expedition. They used the same materials to build the raft and avoided using any modern supplies.

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