A few years ago, there was an Amazon show called “Sneaky Pete.”

The first season was great. The series follows Marius Josipović (Giovanni Ribisi), a released convict who adopts the identity of his cell mate, Pete Murphy, to avoid his past life. Marius finds his way to Pete’s grandparents’ farm where he passes himself off as their long-lost grandson.

Oh, and the family business just happens to be bail bonds.

Marius is the consummate con artist. He’s able to pick the pockets of unsuspecting victims with ease and has set up a long con for Season 1.

One of the more amusing episodes had Marius closely watching a young couple pocketing wallets and expensive items from victims in a park.

He acted like he was asking for directions and managed to steal every wallet they had in their backpack without them knowing it. Later, the girl said in awe, “You’re not just an average pickpocket… you’re a freaking cannon!”

Usually, street pickpockets work in teams, known as whiz mobs or wire mobs. The “steer” chooses the victim (or “mark,” “vic,” or “chump”). The “stall” or “stick” maneuvers the mark into position and holds him there, often distracting his attention by bumping into him or asking for directions.

The “shade” blocks the mark’s view of what’s about to happen, and the “tool” (also known as the “wire,” “dip,” or “mechanic”) lifts his wallet and hands it to the “duke man” who makes a fast exit with the goods.

And if a crew of pickpockets is like a football squad, its star quarterback is the “cannon.” This person is skilled enough to run the crime without the help of a team.

I have to admit it’s fascinating to realize there is a lot of strategy and planning to pull off these con jobs.

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Nikki Earley, CFP® & Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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