Okay. This is a crazy idea.

Many restaurants are having a difficult time right now, due to COVID-19. Most are closed but a few are staying afloat from drive-through or carryout orders.

However, one Swedish restaurant has a unique approach toward offering a safe dining experience.

Called Bord för en (literally “Table for one”), these culinary artists have planted a table and chair for one in the middle of a barren field, near the Swedish rural town of Ransäter (population 114).

“One table. One chair. Right in the middle of a Swedish summer field. Bord för en is a solo dining experience, and as such one of the only true Covid-19 safe restaurants in the world,” their website reads.


Bord för en has no waiting staff. The customer retrieves the food and drinks from a picnic basket sent down to the table from a rope connected to a nearby kitchen window. Those who book a reservation will receive instructions on how to travel from the bus stop to avoid social interaction. The table, chair, and dishes will of course be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly before arrival.

As you can imagine, making a profit is nearly impossible with this type of business model. The owner and chef are opting instead for a pay-what-you-can model. But they’re already working on more unique solo dining experiences.

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