Here’s an idea next time you look to sell your home…

The internet went wild over the unique promotional approach that one realtor in Felton, California, took to sell a lovely 5-bedroom, 3-bath estate.

Because the home bordered the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park – rumored homeland of the famed Bigfoot – Realtor Daniel Oster decided to add some character to liven up the all-too-typically conventional “virtual tour” of the homestead.

Rather than empty rooms, tastefully staged to show off the home’s features, the series of tour photos instead included Bigfoot himself relaxing and going through life’s daily tasks.  When browsing through the different candid shots, you’ll see Bigfoot:

  • Chilling out and reading a book in the Master Bedroom.
  • Cooking up something sweet and tasty in the high-end kitchen.
  • Trimming flowers and spending the day gardening in the luxurious back yard.
  • Doing yoga poses on a mat in the finished basement.
  • Enjoying a delicious cup of morning joe on the porch.

It’s clear from the images that life for Bigfoot really isn’t all that different from you and me. I’m wondering why he would even consider moving, since every day seems to be packed with fulfilling activities and comfort.

The life of our legendary cryptid homeowner must be lacking something – perhaps its companionship, as there wasn’t a Jersey Devil or Chupacabra to be seen.  Even the best of homes, without friendly neighbors, can get lonely at times.

So far as I know, the house remains on the market.

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Nikki Earley, CFP® & Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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