In today’s world, resilience isn’t appreciated nearly enough.

I may be stepping on some toes here, but from where I’m sitting, I see more people looking for someone to save them instead of saving themselves.

For instance, I have another Depression-era story to share:

A 77-year-old man tells the story of his father and the difficulty of overcoming a sudden eviction notice. The family of four boys and their parents had to act fast.

The father asked a real estate friend, “Do you have any farms you can’t sell?”

“Lots,” the realtor replied. “Let’s look them over.” After a selection was made, the father asked the realtor what his commission would be. The realtor told him five percent. The father had no money to pay for a down payment or commission but instead offered a note as payment-in-full for the five percent. The realtor agreed, knowing if he got the money, he’d be paid in full.

A loan was approved, and the family had a house to live in. Very quickly, the resourceful father planned how he was going to pay off his debts without declaring bankruptcy. He first went to the feed mill and asked if he could work off his bill. The owner agreed and after months of hard work, the father had a clean slate.

The lumber yard was a different story. The owner didn’t need anything because he wasn’t selling anything. Determined, the father asked, “Do you have any paint you can’t sell?”

“Sure,” the owner replied. “Lots.” Then, the father asked, “If I scrape and paint all your buildings, would you consider my bill paid in full?”

They shook hands, and the father started scraping and painting. He admitted he didn’t realize how many buildings were in a lumberyard, but finally another bill was paid, and he had made another friend.

Now that is resilience.

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Nikki Earley, CFP® & Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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