With the exponential increase in virtual meetings using videoconferencing software, a new problem has emerged…

How do you look and sound your very best on-camera online?

Most of us have zero experience or expertise in using video cameras. But now, as you click from meeting to meeting throughout the day, it’s clear that even the most photogenic could use a few pointers.

Here are a couple of tips (courtesy of USA Today):

1. Make sure your face is well lit. It’s a huge mistake to sit inside a room with a bright window behind you – it makes you look like an old-timey silhouette.  Instead, you want light framing your face. The best option would be natural light from a window cascading over you. If you can’t get that, check out Amazon for something called a Ring Light – it will frame you perfectly.

2. Upgrade your sound – unless you’ve got a relatively new, high-end laptop, then the microphone that came with that PC probably doesn’t offer much in the way of making you sound your best.  Again, check your favorite online retailer for a decent USB microphone to plug into your system – they can be had for under $50 and sometimes even less.

3. Finally, it doesn’t make you look all that professional having a big ol’ stack of books or clothes or knick-knacks scattered in the background.  A clean, neat look is best – why waste that great lighting after all?  One seriously inexpensive option is to station yourself, so the laptop camera sees only a blank wall behind you. If the clutter is everywhere and can’t be removed, buy an inexpensive Elmer’s foam board – prop it up and use it as your distraction-free background.

Making a great impression is more challenging in the online world, but with a few simple and inexpensive tricks, you can make virtual you the very best you can be.

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Nikki Earley, CFP® & Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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