We’ve all been eating in a lot more lately – some homecooked, some takeout.

Social distancing and lockdown has led to a lessening of social graces in regards to dining at home. It’s just natural to relax a bit more when you’re not in the company of co-workers and strangers out and about.

But I’ll bet you’re NOT as casual as a gorilla.

In a recent BBC-PBS miniseries entitled “Spy in the Wild 2,” filmmakers gave us a sneak peek into the daily lives and habits of mountain gorillas at home.

Using a lifelike robot gorilla, they were able to capture a “behind the scenes” snapshot into the lives of these fascinating creatures unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

As you might expect, the daily to-do list for a gorilla primarily involves finding something to eat – after all, that’s a high priority activity we all share in common.  Unsurprisingly, the secret footage gathered did indeed reveal they liked to eat.

But the researchers did not expect this little tidbit regarding proper meal-time etiquette:

While the gorillas ate, they sang.

Depending on the quality and quantity of the food they were enjoying, gorillas let loose with coos, grunts, and other sounds expressing their enjoyment of the experience.  The filmmakers referred to this as “a chorus of appreciation.”

This was the very first time the phenomenon of gorillas singing had been caught on camera – and if you take the time look up the episode, I’m sure you’ll find it delightful. But what’s NOT so charming…
Consider the fact that the average gorilla is consuming 40 pounds of greens every day. That’s a lot of fiber.  And there are… how shall I put this… consequences.

As the BBC put it (and so delicately!): “They live in a semi-permanent state… of flatulence.”

I’m wagering young men of Junior High age would find this aspect of the research hilarious.  (And others as well – consider the beans around the campfire scene from the movie “Blazing Saddles.”)

All I can say is it sounds like these gorillas have found the secret to good living –tasty food, great tunes, and lots of fresh air. Sounds like a great retirement to me.

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