A rather unusual consequence of the coronavirus pandemic:

A Tokyo aquarium, which closed to the public due to the pandemic, has asked the public for a favor.

Seems like their eels have forgotten what humans look like. The once sociable creatures have started to hide in the sand when any of the few aquarium workers walk by their tank.

Under normal circumstances, the 300 garden eels—named for their grass-like look when they poke their heads out of the sandy seabed en masse—were so accustomed to having humans around that they didn’t retreat in the sand at the sight of them.

But the pandemic has changed that. The human staff is asking for help to keep the eels from forgetting about humans completely.

They’re requesting that people connect with the lonely eels through FaceTime. They’ve set up five tablets facing the eels’ tank so that people could show their faces as much as possible and even wave to them. Just as if they were visiting them in person.

We can sympathize with the eels. We all need some interaction and seeing someone’s face certainly can make a difference.

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P.S. In the next blog, I’ll share a funny story about a man getting a special dessert for his son-in-law. Beware of labels…

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