Who likes sales?

It’s a rare business owner who’ll step forward to state without hesitation that “sales” is the favorite aspect of the job.  The trouble is, the ability to sell is probably the essential factor to success – and not just for entrepreneurs.

Making the sale is part of every person’s life, whether it’s hitting up the boss for a raise or simply getting your neighbor to cough up their share of a new boundary fence.

The secret to mastering this vital skill actually could be closer than you think – your kids.  According to a recent article on the website Addicted2Success, children almost instinctively understand 3 key strategies to closing the deal:

1. They don’t accept NO for an answer. 

How many times have you told a kid NO and ended up repeat yourself again and again and again? Kids just keep at it – because they understand instinctively that NO almost always means “not now.”  Remember: if what you have to offer will benefit who you’re offering it to, don’t be shy and keep tryingIn fact, you have a duty to help people when you are capable of doing so.

2. They believe in what they’re asking for.

Kids have no problem asking for the sale because the motivation to do so comes with 100% belief in its importance. They see no reason to hold back at working hard to close the deal, because, in their mind, no other option even makes sense.  They believe in the inherent value of the offer.  This energizes them and provides power to the process.

And finally…

3. They don’t get stuck on one prospect.

Remember what YOU did when a parent told you NO?  You went to the other parent.  Then you went to a grandparent. Then another grandparent. Then you moved on to aunts, uncles, cousins, even an older brother or sister (likely as a very last resort, of course).  The point being, because the offer matters so much, they’re willing to cut their losses and move on to someone possibly more willing to take them up on the deal.  This is an incredible lesson for all of us.

You can learn a lot from your kids about cutting deals; all you need to do is step back and watch these mini-masters in action.

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