May is officially marked as Military Appreciation Month. If you have served in the military, I’d like to thank you for your service.

But we can do a lot more than shake the hand of a veteran and say, “thank you.” Here are some ideas to honor our military heroes:

1) Donate money

Veterans organizations could use some extra cash for programs that help wounded warriors, assist current service members who are having financial difficulties, and give job counseling to people leaving the military.

2) Donate your frequent-flyer miles

If you collect frequent-flyer miles, you can donate them. Consider donating some to the Fisher House Foundation’s Hero Miles Program, which helps family members be close to the bedsides of loved ones who were injured.

3) Mentor

Instead of just giving cash, you could also give some of your time to a veterans group. Think about the skills you have from your job that might be beneficial.

4) Give a speaking gig opportunity

Veterans have great insight into leadership, crisis management, and personal grit. The next time you’re planning a corporate event, consider bringing a speaker who served in the military.

5) Hire a veteran

If you work in any kind of management position, you can help your business or nonprofit improve its veteran hiring practices. Check out PsychArmor, a nonprofit organization that provides free top-class webinars on how to find, hire, train, and retain veterans and military spouses.

Perhaps more than ever, our military can help us overcome our current challenges as we also create opportunities for them to do what they do best.

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Nikki Earley, CFP® & Dan Cuprill, CFP®

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